Unique Wedding Reception Venues Ideas


If you want a unique wedding reception location, forget traditional venues such as country clubs and banquet halls, and consider unconventional options instead. Not only will a creative venue make your big day even more special, it will be memorable for your guests as well. When choosing the ideal wedding location, use you and your fiance's passions, hobbies and interests as inspiration. You can also choose a location that plays an important role in your relationship, such as the beach if that's where you met.

29 June 2017

Four Things To Consider When Renting A Tent To Use For An Outdoor Concert

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If you plan to have an outdoor concert in the near future, you need to be sure that you do what you can to keep everyone as comfortable possible at all times. A great way to keep people comfortable is to make sure you have a lot of shade. Renting a tent for everyone to sit under can be a great way to create shade and protect everyone from a potential rain shower.

15 June 2017

Creating A Fun Horror-Themed Wedding Reception Playlist

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Couples who love horror movies may want to have a themed wedding reception to celebrate their mutual love of the genre. One of the most important aspects of this type of reception is hiring a DJ and creating an excellent soundtrack that highlights the theme in a fun and engaging way. Why Have A Horror-Themed Wedding Reception People who love horror movies, television shows, and literature love getting spooked. Horror movies create a unique atmosphere of dread that helps vent negative emotions in a safe way.

15 May 2017

Keep People on Their Toes While Visiting Your Haunted Attraction

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If you recently rented a small building that is located on a boardwalk that you would like to turn into a creepy haunted house that is suitable for tourists and locals of all ages, the following tips will help keep your patrons on their toes and provide them with the thrill factor that they have been craving. Confuse Your Guests Upon Arrival Prepare a seating area near the front of the building or inside of its lobby for guests to utilize while waiting their turn to walk through the haunted attraction.

21 February 2017

Do You Suffer From A Fear Of Learning How To Swim? Maybe These Tips Can Help

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Many people have an outright fear of learning how to swim. Sometimes, it's a lifelong fear people come to eventually accept as their reality. You don't have to accept it. You should not let fear keep you away from the relaxing, enjoyable, and beneficial act of swimming. Here's a few ways you can overcome that fear. Let the World Show You There's Nothing to Fear Look around you. People are swimming all day, every day.

11 November 2016

Two Things New Diabetics Should Know About Tattoos Before Getting One

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Many people dream about getting a tattoo. If you've recently been diagnosed with diabetes, though, you may wonder if it's still safe for you to get one. As long as your blood sugar levels are well controlled, you should be okay to get inked. However, there are a couple of things you need to prepare for before you head to the parlor. Choose the Tattoo Site Carefully One thing you might not realize yet is that diabetes can have a negative impact on your healing ability.

7 August 2016