How To Have A Better Tailgating Experience On A Cold Day

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Tailgating is a super-enjoyable pastime when it's warm and nice outside. Once the temperature drops, however, you have to work a bit harder to have a good time. You don't want to just be standing there, shivering your rear end off for four hours! Keep reading to learn how you can have a better tailgating experience on a cold day.

Pay for the VIP section

At some games, you may be able to pay a little extra for access to a VIP area. If this is an option at the game you're attending, definitely go for it on a cold day. The VIP section often has real, enclosed bathrooms, rather than just portapotties. These are typically heated so your bottom won't freeze when you use the toilet. Some VIP sections may even have portable outdoor heaters set up so you can huddle around them and get warm, as needed. There might even be a VIP tailgate party before the game begins.

Grill at the game

When the weather is warmer, you can get away with preparing food at home, bringing it along, and trying to eat it before it gets cold. This is not going to work when it's cold outside. You're better off just bringing the grill and cooking food right there. Hot dogs and hamburgers are classic, but you can get creative by grilling chicken, turkey burgers, or even steaks.

Bring foot warmers

If your feet get cold, the rest of you will get cold. Bring along some of those thin foot warmers that you can snap and then slide into your shoes. Save a pair for right before you're going to enter the game, too. You'll appreciate having them when it's time to sit in the cold stands.

Fill the truck up with gas

If you do get chilly and there are no propane heaters in the lot, you can step into your truck and turn the heat on for a few minutes. This uses up a lot of gas, however, so make sure your tank is full before you head off to tailgate. 

Bring an extra layer of clothing

Pack everyone in your group an extra layer of clothing. You may never need to pull these clothes out, but if you do get chilly, you will be very glad the clothing is there. Zip-up tops are good because you can put them on over whatever you are currently wearing.

With the tips above, you will have a better tailgating experience on a day when the weather is not on your side.


19 April 2019

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