4 Questions to Ask While Planning a Kid's Birthday Party at a Fun Center

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Are you preparing to throw a memorable birthday party for your kid? If so, you may be looking into hosting it at an indoor fun center. These can provide plenty of opportunities for fun without lots of planning. Here are a few questions you may have when planning your kid's birthday party.

Are There Age or Height Restrictions?

Indoor fun centers can have plenty of fun rides and attractions for kids to play on. However, you don't want to plan a birthday party around kids that cannot use them. Ask about any restrictions that would prevent your kids or their friends from using the attractions. For example, there may be a height restriction to use a playscape or an age requirement to ride a vehicle without adult supervision.

Do Games Have Unlimited Play Options?

There is nothing more stressful as a parent than watching your kid put dollar after dollar into an arcade machine to win some tickets. That's why it is a good idea to find out your options for playing the games. Do they require you to pay each game they want to play or is there an unlimited play often for a set amount of time? You may find that the latter works best when you are planning a birthday party since the kids can go wild and play what they want without any reservations from the parents. 

Can You Bring Your Own Food?

It's always worth asking about what kind of food you can bring to the birthday party. Some fun centers require that you purchase the food that is cooked on-site, while others allow you to bring in your own food. At the very least, find out if you can bring a birthday cake for the party. You don't want to be surprised on the day of the event to discover that you can't bring the birthday cake that has been decorated with your kid's name.

Are There Provided Party Favors? 

It's common to pass out small bags of party favors to the kids as they leave the party. Find out if the fun center will supply these gifts as part of having your birthday party there or if you need to bring them from home. Having the fun center take care of this part of the party can be one less thing to worry about on the day of your kid's birthday. 

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21 April 2020

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