Compete And Eat During A Mini Golf/Food Court Birthday Party

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An indoor mini golf course and a food court are two places that could be intertwined during your preteen's next birthday party. If you are going to be inviting some of your relatives to the event, think about holding a friendly golfing competition. Either all of the adults can form a group and compete against the kids or you can break things down further and have everyone pair up with another person. After the golf game has ended, award the winners with a surprise.

Decide How The Golf Competition Will Work

You or one of the guests will need to keep score throughout the game, or you can assign this duty to each team. Either base the winners upon which team had the best score on the most rounds or use the lowest total for all of the rounds combined, which would be a more traditional method that is used in professional games of golf.

Decide what type of prizes will be awarded. If there are custom shirts, game passes, and other related items that are sold at the golfing venue, you can plan on purchasing some of these items as the awards. Custom shirts will remind the winners of the golfing competition that they participated in, and free passes will allow them to plan on enjoying themselves at the venue and improving their putting skills alongside their loved ones or friends. 

Tie The Golfing Venue's Theme To The Party Plans

Most mini golf courses contain holes that are part of a theme. Pirates and treasure, zoo animals, an ocean, or prominent landmarks are some examples of themes that you might encounter at various mini golf courses. Contact the owner of the golfing venue to find out about the type of course that is offered and make reservations for you and the other party guests, if they are required.

Use the golfing venue's theme when designing the party invitations and planning the menu for the party. For instance, if the golfing venue uses an ocean theme, purchase invitations that feature fish and other creatures that one would find at the ocean. Plan a menu that includes fish and chips, shrimp, or another type of seafood.

Find out what type of eating establishments are offered in the food court and choose one that you think will be sufficient for your party plans. Bring some basic decorations to the party, including a tablecloth, balloons, and paper plates and utilize these items after the golfing competition. 

Contact local mini golf courses like Bonanza Golf and Gifts to start planning your party.


9 July 2019

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