Looking For A Team Building Event For Youth?

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Are you the ecclesiastic leader at your church? Maybe you are a youth worker or a youth minister. Or, of course, maybe you are just a parent who wants to be very involved in your children's lives. No matter your position, are you on the committee that will be hosting team building events for the teenagers at your church? 

If so, do you already have your assignments completed? If that's not the case, from planning team building activities to buying custom T-shirts, here are some ideas that might help you.

Plan Team Building Activities - Do you have a budget for your event? If so, obviously your plans will be at least partially determined by the amount of money that has been allotted for your event.

If you have a very limited budget, don't fret. Remember that the main focus for the kids in your youth group will be just getting to have fun together. Whether you have the event on your own church property or whether it will be held at a park, consider that time-tested old-fashioned games are almost always popular. For instance, things like tug-o-war, three-legged races, horseshoe tosses, and relay races are great team building games. 

With cooler weather ahead, maybe your team building event will be held inside. If that's the case, consider setting up game tables where teams can work together to complete things like intricate puzzles, play board games, or even design their own games. Maybe the youth have board games at home that they think would be fun to plan at your event. If those games are included, be sure that they are well marked with the owner's name and phone number. 

Buy Custom T-shirts - Part of the fun of your team building event could be that each person who attends will be given a custom T-shirt. Do you have a theme for your event? If so, that theme could be included in the design of the T-shirt.

For example, maybe your theme is something like ​Shine Together For A Better World. If you select something like that, the T-shirt could have those words along with rays of light as part of the design.

Since you will be dividing into teams, think of having different colors for the T-shirts. For example, if you plan to have four teams, choose colors like green, blue, red and yellow. If you are only dividing the group into three teams, red, white and blue might be fun colors for the T-shirts.


21 September 2019

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