Tips For Your Very First Snorkeling Tour

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Do you plan to go on a snorkeling tour during your vacation, but it will be your first time doing it? If so, you'll want to follow some tips that will help ensure that your first time is a success.

Practice In Shallow Water

One of the best things that you can do is practice in shallow water before you go out on the snorkeling tour. This will help you adjust to what it is like simply breathing with your face underwater, which is something that feels very unnatural and takes some time to adjust to. Once you know what it's like to breathe with your face completely submerged, you'll discover that your breathing is more stable once you're out in a bigger body of water where you can't touch the ground.

Wear Your Gear Properly

The mask, snorkel, and flippers are not one-size-fits-all gear. You'll want to try these things on to make sure that they fit well. Your face mask should fit snugly around your face and form a seal. Make sure that your hair is away from the mask so that the seal is not touching your hair in a way that could allow water to get in. Your flippers should fit snugly with them not feeling too loose or tight. Those flippers need to stay on your feet, and wearing ones that are too tight can cause blisters to form. 

Know How To Get Water Out Of Your Gear

One common problem that may come up with your gear while snorkeling is getting water in the snorkel and in the mask. If you have water in the snorkel, you'll want to blow out hard into the snorkel to push the water out. If water gets into your mask, press the mask against your face and blow out through your nose. 

Know How To Duck Dive

There will be times when you want to dive underwater to get a close look at the surroundings below you. This is known as duck diving. It's important to understand that water is going to get into the snorkel, so you'll need to hold your breath the entire time. Plan to come up to the surface and blow that water out of the snorkel so that you can keep going. 

Still do not feel ready for your first snorkeling experience? Make sure to ask for more tips from an instructor prior to going on your first snorkeling tour. 

To learn more about experiences like Na Pali Coast snorkel tours, contact a snorkel tour company. 


9 March 2022

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