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Fireworks. That word alone is enough to give many people euphoria. The reason is fireworks help you etch amazing memories into your mind. Today, these products are used to celebrate numerous occasions, including military victories, graduation parties, holidays, weddings, and religious festivals. They have become increasingly popular and a staple in such events because many people have realized they can stun and entertain all sorts of viewers, including adults and children. This article introduces you to one of the most popular types of fireworks available today: sparklers. Keep reading to learn more.

What are Sparklers?

Sparklers are for anyone searching for hand-held fireworks. Typical sparklers burn slowly and give off numerous effects, including sparks and bright flames with intense colors. Most of these fireworks are made by coating metal wires with a mix of titanium or Aluminium, dextrin, and potassium perchlorate. They are commonly used in the United States on the Fourth of July, but you can use them to mark a wedding, birthday party, or any other celebratory occasion.

Types of Sparklers

The most common types of sparklers available today include:

1.       Colored sparklers

As the name suggests, colored sparklers bun with an explosion of vibrant colors when lit. There are various colors for colored sparklers, including blue, orange, purple, red, and green. If you want fireworks that will light up your home or any other place with striking neon colors during an event like a gender reveal party or New Year's Eve celebrations, using colored sparkles is highly advisable.

2.       Whistling sparklers

Whistling sparklers are designed to emit a whistling sound and colored sparkles for a couple of seconds. Most people use whistling sparklers because the sound and sparkle combination adds to the general excitement and enjoyment. Plus, manufacturers offer safe whistling sparklers you can set off outdoors or indoors without worrying about catastrophic accidents. If you feel fireworks that produce screeching whistles are ideal for your occasion, whistling sparkles won't disappoint.

3.       Gold sparklers

You can use gold sparklers on any festive occasion, and they will impress viewers and attendees. These fireworks are made using wire instead of the traditionally-used bamboo wood. That means modern gold sparklers burn with less smoke and are much cleaner for party goers and the environment. There are various gold sparklers available, with most burning for different periods. Your choice of products mainly depends on the type of occasion you plan to celebrate. For instance, if it's a birthday party, using gold sparklers that go out within less than a minute may be suitable, especially during the candle-blowing phase.

4.       Crackling sparklers

As you may have correctly surmised, crackling sparklers emit sparkles and crackling sounds simultaneously. The best thing is, although some people have reservations and fear the sounds these sparklers produce, they are safe for any occasion. Plus, they come in different sizes, colors, and shapes, so you'll be spoiled for choice.

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