Three Parts Of Visiting A Fire Station With Your Family

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When you're thinking about a family activity that you can organize for you and your children without having to travel too far, a good option can be to visit a local fire station. While you might not immediately think about this activity, it's a worthwhile one for a number of different reasons. Generally, you'll need to call ahead to arrange your visit, but you can expect that the staff who meet you will be accommodating and helpful as they lead you and your children through the firehouse. Here are three things that you'll experience when you visit a fire station with your family.


It's common to take a tour when you visit a firehouse with your children. You'll get to walk through the building and see the trucks, where the firefighters sleep and eat, and more. Lots of children enjoy looking at fire stations when they drive past in the car, but they probably don't know what the interior of this space looks like. Your kids will even get to see the fire station's pole, which can be an exciting part of the tour, and maybe even climb into some trucks. The tour isn't just about seeing the sights. The firefighters who lead the tour will also explain various details to you during the tour.


At some point during the fire station tour, you can expect that your children will get to dress up in firefighting gear—a part that can immediately become a highlight of this family activity. Your children will marvel at the weight of the equipment that firefighters must carry, and you'll have fun snapping photos of them in their oversized boots, coats, and helmets. These photos can be fun to share on your social media feeds or send to friends who have children who may also enjoy a fire station visit.

Fire Safety Education

It's unlikely that your fire station visit will end without one or more firefighters talking to your children about household fire safety. If you're the type of parent who enjoys looking for activities that combine fun and education, you'll appreciate this part of the visit. Kids will learn all sorts of safety tips about fire prevention and what to do in the event of a fire. Often, they'll receive activity books that further emphasize these lessons—usually through things such as word searches, puzzles, and more—which can help to keep them occupied after your visit. Learn more about this fun activity by contacting a local fire station.


6 December 2021

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