Having A Carnival-Style Gathering? Consider These Party Rentals


Many adults have fond memories of attending carnivals as children — so much so that you might want to have a carnival-style gathering in your backyard. Doing so takes a lot of preparation, but you can make it happen by having a menu that includes popcorn, hot dogs, and cotton candy. Of course, you'll also need some carnival games for the gathering. This means that you'll want to turn to a party rental company that carries such games. Browse the website of a local company to see what it has available, and you'll likely see games that bring back memories of when you were a child. Here are some carnival games that you can rent.

Bottle Ring Toss

A popular carnival game that you likely played as a kid is the bottle ring toss game, which involves throwing rings at a large grouping of bottles and trying to get the ring to slide over the neck of a bottle. There's no disputing that this game can be challenging, and you may recall rarely winning it as a child. Renting the bottle toss game can be fun because many of your guests may have similar memories of playing this game as kids and will feel eager to attempt to conquer it.

Balloon Pop

Another carnival game that you can order from a party rental company is the balloon pop game. This game features a large piece of plywood with numerous balloons affixed to its surface. Generally, the balloons will be different colors. The objective of this game is to pop specific balloons by throwing darts at them. You can set the bottle pop game up in a corner of your yard where people will be able to play it safely, and then watch your guests have a blast attempting to pop the balloons.

Water Gun Shooting

Shooting games are popular at carnivals, and you can add this type of game to your backyard gathering, too. One option is a water gun shooting game, which typically involves shooting water at targets that pop up. Often, the targets will be shaped like ducks, but you may find other target shapes available. Many party rental companies have variations of this game available, and it will appeal to your guests who want to compete among themselves to see who has the best accuracy. Visit a party rental company's website to learn more about its carnival games.


15 October 2021

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