Celebrate Grandma's Birthday With A Well-Placed Yard Sign

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You have two options when it's time to put up that happy birthday sign in grandma's yard. Doing it yourself or hiring a yard sign rental company to put it up. Both are great options for celebrating the birthday of someone you love.


The yard signs themselves and materials needed to install them are readily available for purchase online. Yard signs are made out of corrugated plastic, which makes them very resistant to rain and sun damage. Leave them up as long as you like. They are also fully customizable: fonts, backgrounds, clip art, and photographs can all be added. If you're throwing her a party, you can even make direction cards for the event.

Now, here comes the slight downsides. Buying the signs can be more expensive, especially if you only need the signs for a couple of days. You do all the work. However, buying the signs, especially the large alphabet letters, is a great option if you plan on reusing them. Plus, if you accumulate enough of the signs, you can rent them out, which is a popular side hustle these days.

Going with a Company that Rents Birthday Yard Signs

When you go with a company, someone shows up to install and uninstall the sign. This option cheaper if you only need the sign for a few days. Additionally, you won't have to worry about not having the tools you need or finding the time to install signs in grandma's yard. This route is great if your fairly certain you'll only need the signs once and for a short period of time. Plus, if you live in California and Grandma is in Oklahoma, you can still make it work, just make the reservation.

There's only one real downside. Though most well-established rental companies keep large inventories, your customization options may be limited to the stock that the rental company has available when you need it

It's Great When There Isn't a Wrong Choice

You can't make a wrong choice when both options adequately complete the same goal. Deciding on which to choose boils down to what best suits your needs. How much time do you have? What are your budget and plans? Both options present the opportunity for a wide range of expressions, from dignified and matronly to goofy. 

Grandma will love it no matter which route you go. So reach out to someone who provides birthday yard signs to find a sign for grandma's next birthday.


23 March 2021

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