Friend Getting Married? 3 Fun Gift Ideas for Marriage Survival Kits

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Forget about the pots, pans, and pillows—sometimes what people really need when they get married is a friend who understands what marriage is like. Since marriage can be such a big life transition, it can be fun to gift your friend a homemade marriage survival kit instead of a kitchen gadget or picture frame. Here are three fun gift ideas to include in your marriage survival kit, and why the bride or groom might appreciate the gesture. 

1. A Stress Ball

If your friend and their soon-to-be spouse have never lived together before, they are sure to encounter more than a few stressful situations. Between disagreements over where furniture should be placed to talks about who will clean what, it can help to have a convenient way to relieve stress. 

Consider getting your friend a high-end stress ball to make it easy to squeeze away their anxieties as they learn to live with their partner. Try to select a stress ball that is designed with a neutral color scheme and pattern, so they can have it out without making a big statement that those early days of marriage can be challenging. 

2. A Handmade Coupon Book

Gifts of service are always a great way to show your love and support for a friend, even after they are married. Consider giving them a coupon book with little tasks they can call in, such as having help cleaning the house, taking them out for a guys' or ladies' night, or simply being there to listen when they need a friend. 

The coupons you create don't have to be worth a lot of money, but having a way for your friend to call in a favor might make them more likely to let you know when they need help. 

3. A Gift Card

Another great way to support your friend's marriage while showing them how much you care is gifting them a gift card they could enjoy with their new spouse. Examples might include a gift certificate for dinner, a movie, or a couple's massage. 

Remember, by investing time into creating a thoughtful marriage survival kit, you might be able to help your friend to laugh off those pre-wedding jitters. Don't forget to continue to be available to your friend if they need someone to talk to or laugh with, since the next few months might be filled with a few difficult adjustments.  


14 March 2019

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