Making An Indie Film? 4 Reasons You Should Rent A Generator

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If you're planning to make an Indie film, you're going to need to power your equipment. That's where the generator comes in handy. If you haven't made plans for the generator, now's the time to do that. Before you go out and purchase a new generator for the project, here are four reasons why you need to rent one.

Reduce Production Costs

Indie films don't always have the biggest production budgets. Because of that, it's important that you save money wherever you can. One of the best ways to reduce production costs on an independent film is to rent the equipment, especially the generator. Renting your generator can save quite a bit of money, especially when you're planning a short film schedule. While you're making arrangements to rent your production equipment, don't forget to add a scissor lift. Scissor lifts are a necessary piece of equipment when filming a movie.

Ensure Adequate Power

If you've been thinking about heading to the local home improvement center and purchasing a small generator, you may want to rethink that decision. Those types of generators are great for home improvement projects, or providing power to your home during an emergency situation. However, they don't pull enough electricity to power an entire Indie film production. For that type of power, you need to rent a movie generator from your local industrial supplier.

Get Power Where You Need It

If you're going to be shooting your film in remote locations, you'll need a flexible source of electricity. That's where your rental generator comes into the picture. Portable movie generators can go anywhere you need them to. That means you'll have all the power you need, whether you're in the city or on a mountain top.

Provides Emergency Backup

If you've already purchased a generator for your Indie film, you're still going to need a rental. You never know when an emergency situation is going to arise that will require an additional power source. If you only have that one generator, your production schedule is going to suffer. However, if you rent a generator at the start of your project, you'll already have it on location when an emergency arises.

If you have plans to film an Indie movie, don't forget to rent a generator. You're going to need access to plenty of power during the filming. Renting a movie generator will help you reduce your costs and prevent delays.


5 February 2019

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