4 Ways To Make Your Block Party Truly Memorable

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If you are in charge of throwing the local block party, you probably want to blow your neighbors out of the water by organizing a bash they will never forget. A classic barbecue or pool party is not going to cut it in this case. No, what you need is an all-out blow-out with the best entertainment, food, and more. The following are four ideas guaranteed to make your bock party a memorable experience.

1. Rent an AV System for Movies

Have you ever watched a movie outside under the stars? It's a rewarding experience and really lets you feel immersed in the film. Consider renting some audio-visual (AV) equipment from a local AV rental supplier so you can play a movie when the sun goes down. Choose something family-friendly so that kids and adults alike can watch the film. You may want to let everyone know in advance what film will be playing so they can prepare and get excited.

2. Rent a Bounce House

Remember playing in a bounce house when you were a kid? It was probably something you looked forward to, and it is something kids still love today. You can rent a bounce house quite affordably, giving the kids something to do while the parents mingle and chat. You may want to go with a unique type of bounce house, such as one with a ball pit at one side. This will set your party apart from others with a bounce house.

3. Have the Party Catered

Having everyone bring a dish has its drawbacks. You end up with doubles, and there is never enough of anything to go around. If you have the event catered, the food will be better, and nobody has to focus on serving it -- the caterers can do that while you all enjoy the party. Roasted chicken, pulled pork, and sausage are all classics that most caterers offer and that go well at a backyard block party.

4. Pick a Clothing Theme

Ask everyone who attends to dress with a certain theme. For example, you could have a red party at which everyone has to wear red, or a beach party where everyone dresses in luau attire. Your guests will have fun admiring each other's attire, and it will be a good conversation starter, allowing people to make new friends more easily.

With the ideas above, you will truly organize a block party to remember. 


8 September 2018

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