Creating The Right Look For Your Outdoor Wedding Reception


Hosting an outdoor wedding reception is a wonderful way to bring the beauty of nature to your special day. It does, however, come with some challenges. You'll essentially be creating the venue space from scratch, and you'll need to find the right items to make your outdoor reception beautiful. Here are a few things to take into consideration as you plan your reception.

Tables And Chairs

Traditional round tables and chairs can work for an outdoor reception, but there are also many other designs that can create a stunning look for your event. Wood banquet tables with a dark finish create a natural look, and they can be used without tablecloths for a more rustic appearance. Pair these tables with matching chairs, or use bench-style seating for a classic finishing touch. For a less formal event, you can rent picnic tables, which can be adorned with gingham tablecloths. If you'll be doing a cocktail reception, consider pub-height cocktail tables where guests can gather and share a drink and appetizer.


Adding a tent to your outdoor space gives guests shade from the hot sun and relief from drizzles should it happen to rain on your wedding day. Tents range from simple pavilion-type structures to fully enclosed spaces complete with doors and hard flooring surfaces. If you do decide to rent a tent, work with your party planner to ensure your tables and any dance floor space you want will fit inside. You may also want to consider lighting, such as chandeliers, to illuminate the space after the sun goes down. Some tents can be outfitted with electrical outlets for this purpose.

Outdoor Flooring

Walking through grass in high heels or dress shoes isn't easy, and adding outdoor flooring can make it easier for your guests to move freely throughout the venue space in their formal footwear. You can rent interlocking tiles to create a sidewalk, dance floor or a floor for your seating area. These tiles come in a range of beautiful styles and colors to match your event decor theme, and they can be used both inside your tent or anywhere in your outdoor venue. If you are planning to have your wedding ceremony outdoors, you can also use these tiles to create the aisle you and your wedding party walk down. This prevents any white carpet you want to use from bunching as you walk.

Talk to your party planner about the items you need to rent for your outdoor wedding, and don't be afraid to get creative with your outdoor space. Hosting your event outside gives you lots of freedom to create the perfect backdrop for your special day. For more information, you can also talk to a company like Party People Rentals & Sales.


16 November 2017

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