Add To The Fun Of Your Outdoor Summer Party With These Rental Machines


An outdoor summer party with your family and friends is reason enough to be excited, but you can make your guests feel even more energized about the gathering with the right party rentals. While you may already be renting a tent, tables, chairs, and even plates and cutlery for the event, many party rental companies can offer their customers a selection of machines that can instantly add fun to any summer get-together — especially if kids will be in attendance. Here are three rental machines that you may wish to consider adding to your next gathering this summer:

Snow Cone Maker

Few treats are as refreshing on a hot summer day as a snow cone, and it's fun for your guests — the kids and those who are young at heart — to be able to make their own snow cones. Doing so requires the rental of a snow cone maker, which is essentially a machine that grinds ice into a fine consistency. The users will add the ice to a cone or cup, and then drizzle their chosen flavor of syrup on top. Snow cones can definitely be messy on a sunny day, but the fact that you're holding the gathering outside removes any concerns about cleaning up afterward.

Popcorn Maker

Guests of all ages will enjoy a serving or two of popcorn at your summer gathering. Many party rental companies have old-fashioned popcorn makers that will pop the kernels and keep them warm inside so that your event's attendees can serve themselves. It can also be fun to offer some assorted toppings to allow the group to jazz up their servings of popcorn. Depending on your tastes, you can offer things as simple as different flavor powders — cheese, dill pickle, and more — or get creative with chocolate and butterscotch drizzles, chopped nuts, and more.

Cotton Candy Maker

Summer and cotton candy go together well, and if children will be present at your event, you'll want to give serious thought to a cotton candy maker from your local party rental store. This spinning machine will serve up the thin strands of cotton candy in your chosen colors, giving your young guests a perfect sweet treat to enjoy for dinner. Because cotton candy adheres to a stick, you can serve this treat without having to spend money on serving dishes and cutlery. Contact your local party rental store to inquire about these and other machines for your next gathering.

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10 August 2017

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