Keep Your Guests Connected With These Four Hospitality Electronics

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In today's high tech world, you can make your hotel more attractive to potential guests by offering technological amenities that help mimic the luxuries they have in their own homes. Check out a few pieces that are sure to take your lodging to the next level.

1. Smart TVs

 A smart TV is a simple way to enhance the room's entertainment offerings. Not only can your guests peruse their favorite channels, but they can watch their favorite streaming services directly on the the TV, rather than their phones or tablets. You can offer a few streaming services to ensure your guests have something to watch. However, smart TVs also include apps for an assortment of other streaming services. Even if you don't offer the streaming service as a perk, your guests can use the smart TV's app to sign in with their own information.

You can pair the smart TV with a distributive box to offer customers the same abilities that they have at home when they watch TV, such as the ability to fast-forward or pause their preferred TV shows.

2. In-room Tablets

An in-room tablet is a terrific way to offer a streamlined entertainment experience for your guests. You can set the tablet up so that your guests can easily view their in-room charges, order room service, book concierge services, or request assistance. Another perk of an in-room tablet is that you can connect it to the smart TV so that it functions as a remote control.

Thanks to the large size of tablets, this is an attractive alternative due to the conventionally smaller size of the traditional remote.

3. Bluetooth Speakers

Many hotels offer some type of speaker for their guests' phones, but it is usually in the form of a docking station. It is time eliminate docking stations from your hotel rooms, as they may frustrate customers who have phones that are not compatible with the station's specs.

Instead, outfit all of your rooms with Bluetooth speakers. It only takes a few moments to connect a phone or other media device, and Bluetooth speakers have the advantage of being compatible with practically any type of device that supports Bluetooth. 

4. Charging Stations

Nothing is worse for your guest than arriving to your hotel and realizing that a phone charger is still at home. Make it easy for your guests to keep their electronics fully charged with a charging station that includes inputs for all of the most popular devices. Ideally, select charging stations that have the ability to charge multiple devices at once so that your guest can charge everything at one time.

If you'd like to learn more about adding these and other technological conveniences for your hospitality service, talk to representatives at companies like ProTVSolutions.


17 July 2017

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