Unique Wedding Reception Venues Ideas


If you want a unique wedding reception location, forget traditional venues such as country clubs and banquet halls, and consider unconventional options instead. Not only will a creative venue make your big day even more special, it will be memorable for your guests as well.

When choosing the ideal wedding location, use you and your fiance's passions, hobbies and interests as inspiration. You can also choose a location that plays an important role in your relationship, such as the beach if that's where you met.

Before getting your hearts set on a dream location, however, make sure they offer special event space. Also, inquire as to whether they offer catering services, will allow a DJ or live music, or any other logistics that you desire.

Here are some unique wedding reception venue ideas to get you started:

1. Movie Theater

If you and your fiance are film buffs, a movie theater may be the perfect wedding reception venue for you. If it's a small theater, such as one that only shows classic or independent films and has just one or a two screens, you may be able to reserve the entire space.

Some theaters may also offer outdoor event space for intimate gatherings. Since movie theaters typically don't offer a lot of private space, they're best for small receptions with just a handful of friends and family members. 

2. Country Barn

Country barns provide the perfect relaxed, rural setting with plenty of charm. If you don't know anyone with a private barn, you can rent one for your special day. In most cases, you'll have access to both the barn and the surrounding outdoor space, making the venue very flexible.

If you expect inclement weather, you can also rent an event tent as extra protection. Keep the event space rustic by setting up hale bales as seating options and photo backdrops, or add a touch of glam with lace tablecloths and crystal chandeliers hanging from the barn rafters.

3. Museum 

Surround yourself with things you're passionate about, such as art or prehistoric creatures, by holding your reception at a museum. Natural history, art, city, space and other types of museums often provide private event space that you can reserve.

The impressive exhibits will provide interesting photo backdrops, while also providing entertainment for your guests. Inquire as to whether the museum staff will provide tours during your special event. Also, make sure they offer a conference room for serving meals, snacks or cocktails, depending on your preference. 


29 June 2017

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