Keep People on Their Toes While Visiting Your Haunted Attraction

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If you recently rented a small building that is located on a boardwalk that you would like to turn into a creepy haunted house that is suitable for tourists and locals of all ages, the following tips will help keep your patrons on their toes and provide them with the thrill factor that they have been craving.

Confuse Your Guests Upon Arrival

Prepare a seating area near the front of the building or inside of its lobby for guests to utilize while waiting their turn to walk through the haunted attraction. Provide each person with a blindfold and request that they do not speak while seated. Once each person has their eyes covered, they may become disoriented and fearful as to what they will be facing once they begin touring the building. Play spooky music or recordings of people laughing or screaming loudly to add to each person's excitement and curiosity while they are waiting.

Switch Up Costumes and Actions on a Regular Basis

Provide the actors who you have hired with several scary costumes so that they can change their appearance a few times each week. On occasion, ask each person to hide in a different part of the building or use different props so that clients will not know what to expect each time that they visit the attraction.

People who have frequented the haunted house in the past may be pleasantly surprised to find that they do not know what will happen on future visits to the attraction. Consistently making changes may also prevent employees from becoming bored with their jobs so that they continue to do their best to scare people while they are touring the building.

Heighten Your Guests Senses With Unappealing Items

Set up a long table near the building's exit that is filled with materials that are unappealing to look at or touch. Small pieces of raw fish, hand sanitizer, or cooked noodles are some items that can be placed in each bowl. Ask each guest to dip their hands into the concoctions for a few seconds before exiting the building. People may feel squeamish as their hands touch the items because they are cold and slimy.

If you add food coloring that is a dark color to the contents of any of the bowls, some of your clients may be even more apprehensive about touching the items, due to the way that they look.


21 February 2017

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